Tanay Biradar

Blog Like it's 1999 🌱

This website was proudly built with HTML + CSS (and two small scripts 1).

I had spent months thinking about renovating my blog. Which framework? What theme?

I looked to other portfolios for inspiration—and often left annoyed by constant animations and stock graphics. Just let me read the content! All it needs is a little bit of style.

Driving a Ferrari in a school zone

A Ferrari isn't going to show its true capabilities off-track 2. For most use cases, a Corolla is far better pick. It does the exact same thing, takes less energy to run, and is cheap to maintain.

Likewise, you don't need frameworks. Featherweight blogs aren't nails you want to hit with those heavy hammers. If you're a dev, you don't need to flex them on your website; the actual flex is using the right tool for the job.

In 2023...

The internet is bloated, and that's a shame. These pages showed me the light.

So I wrote this website to be simple, fast, and responsive by default. There are no animations, no fancy menus, and no backends. I'm proud to be using No-SQL for this one.

It's Web 1.0 bliss, and it's oddly refreshing.


One for GoatCounter analytics and one for modifying my markdown-to-HTML processor's footnotes (I should get rid of the latter).


Insert Ferrari F1 joke here